Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Kalian Memang Menyedihkan" lyrics with english explanations

Saat kau sibuk mengklaim budaya dan tradisi, dipatenkan sebagai hak milik, aku tak sepakat denganmu. Budaya dan tradisi tak pernah bertuan. Ganyang saja nasionalisme. Isu ganyang mengganyang adalah ilusi yang membuatmu lupa akan betapa miskinnya mayoritas dari kita semua secara ekonomi

** This song is a respond of cultural conflicts that happened many times between Indonesia and Malaysia, where this two country claim each other native cultures/traditions based on state’s territory borders. A lot of people have opinions that some traditional “products” (like traditional dance, music, and even melodies) are owned by the state that have authority in the territory where those traditional products have been invented. These traditions that belong to native people who preserve it from generation to generations, were claimed owned by the state as a part of “nation’s cultural wealth”. This program is supported with a strong nationalism campaign.

The main message in this songs is, nationalism and “nation’s cultural wealth” is an illusion that makes people forget about the fact of how poor the majority of human population economically. When the “nation’s cultural wealth” issue broadcasted in mass media, suddenly people forget about the fact of their relative who just got fired and depressed tried to find out how to feed their children. Suddenly people forget about how the economic and social gap is unbelievablely so wide. 

We’ve been taught since we were very young, that planet earth is separated into territories, and there’s authority who control every territory and everything that happened in their territories become their possessions. Lets we re-think about it. Without any state borders, without these territories, this ridiculous conflict was not supposed to be happening at all. It’s so ridiculous and ironic, because these territorial and state borders are inventions of a culture that is younger than traditional natives cultures they claimed. It’s like claiming for possession of the trees that grow everywhere and anytime. In fact, even fish that accidentally swims in Indonesian territory will be claimed as property of Indonesian government too! That’s so ridiculous.
There’s a popular nationalist campaign called “Ganyang Malaysia”, that could be translated as “Smash Malaysia” in English. This movement has started by Indonesian first president, and people today is still using this campaign every time they have problems with Malaysia. This movement obviously started by the authority, for their interest. This campaign won’t give people freedom. It just makes the “fences” that limits our life become stronger. Don’t let authority’s conflict of interests become people’s conflicts. We better do something to abolish all territorial borders in this planet, because planet earth and everything on it has never had masters.

Mungkin bogemmu cukup besar, lebih besar daripada otakmu. Apa yang ada dalam pikiranmu, swastika pada lengan coklatmu? Kau bonehead-bonehead berkulit gelap, cocok jadi kudapan si Setan*.  Terlalu dungu untuk hidup. Apa yang ada dalam pikiranmu, swastika mewakili dirimu? Brown Power itu konyol!

** The term “bonehead” refers to ultra-nationalist racist skinheads who defend white supremacy. They are neo-nazi who believes that white people and aryan is the superior race that deserve domination in the world over other races. Their hatred and prejudice on other races are their fuel for their actions. They wore nazi’s swastika as their identity too. They are shit.

But, what would happen if there were boneheads who are obviously not white at all but wear the same identity? That’s more ridiculous and ironic in the same time than the idea of racism itself. It’s like seeing a deer wearing lion’s identity, and hates the other deers who looks different from itself.  Ridiculous. But, that’s what happening here. In our place, the bonehead’s phenomena still exist. Some said it’s a “Brown Power” movement, just like “White Power” in some other places. Do we still need to explain more about how stupid it is?

Kami barisan kecoa datang berhamburan, siap mengepung dan merusak pestamu. Coba punahkan kami, usahamu sia-sia. Tak ada yang berhasil musnahkan kami.  Coba bunuh satu saja dari kami, dan jumlah kami berlipat ganda. Coba punahkan kami, usahamu sia-sia. Tak ada yang berhasil musnahkan kami

** In english, "Milisi Kecoa" can be translated as " Cockroaches Militia". This song is dedicated to DIY hardcorepunk community, insurgents around the world, and those who disagree with dominant system nowadays. Cockroach is a very interesting species. In this song, the word cockroaches is a metaphor for global punk community and insurgents, since we’ve noticed there’s a lot of similarity between cockroaches and punk community and insurgents internationally. Just like punks and insurgents, cockroaches can be found almost everywhere in this world. Some can be found hidden behind your closet in your house, some can be found easily running around you while you sleep. They are hard to extinct, it hasn’t extinct yet, and unlike some other animals, cockroaches have never been domesticated or tamed by humans. So they have no human-masters and never play tricks with human. They could be also a real psychological threat for many people, like a global punk community and insurgents. Could you stay calm when a bunch of cockroaches came to your house in millions? Stamp on us, and the rest of the militia will freak you out. Yes, cockroaches are hunted everywhere. "Militia" and "military" are not the same word. Militia is not a formal organization or institution. Militia refers to a group of free individuals (or cockroaches!) that organized and armed themselves spontaneously and autonomously, based on certain needs and purposes, such as to defend their basic rights. To defend their homes, families or to abolish other threats through confrontation. Militia only exists when people need it. “Military” refers to a group of well-trained people, organized by the state to defend state's interests. Military moves under the leader's command, while the militia move based on solidarity and basic needs. So you can ask yourself now, are you part of Cockroaches Militia? Or you’re just one of the sheep in the flock that serve shepherd’s interests?

Kau menyulut keributan dan mencari musuh di dalam moshpit. Ingin jadi jagoan? Kau rusak kesenangan semua orang. Apa yang kau cari? Macho tai babi! Ayo teman-teman, kita usir para jagoan

** There’s a lot of fights going on a DIY punk show. Some fights are ridiculous, and some just have to happen. However, the ridiculous ones are happen the most. And mostly, this kind of fights started by someone who is over sensitive and have macho mentality. Some fights might be started just because they got hit unintentionally on the pit or dancefloor, some started because of hatred, prejudice or other sentimentality reason towards other community or other people. Did you know that a DIY show organized by your own friends, and not by people who just want to get some cash off your pocket? It is clear that whatever happens in the show is their responsibilities too. Macho people only ruin the show. DIY show funded independently without any economic interests involved. Instead of contribute to the show, this macho-he-man only cares about who’s the strongest physically, turns moshpit and dancefloor into a gladiator’s arena and UFC’s stage. Dance floor isn’t a place to show who is the strongest of all. It is a place where we share energy, fun and joy. It is not a place for macho champions.

Membangun komunitas bukan hal sepele. Bersama kita tumbuh dan berkembang. Susah payah kita bangun rasa saling percaya, hingga kau rusak semuanya.  Kau bagai rayap dalam rumah yang kita bangun bersama. Hingga suatu hari semuanya bisa rapuh dan runtuh percuma. Omong kosong semua tentang “duduluran”, omong kosong tentangmu.

** Today’s society and system is not the best for human race to live in. A lot of people didn’t agree with the dominant culture started to build an alternative society that is more ideal, autonomous and non-hierarchical. Communities that live on love, solidarity and trust to each other. But since these communities still live inside the dominant society, and since dominant system still using money as the only trading tool, so sometimes alternative communities still need cash to do their projects, etc.

What would happen when there’s “thief” inside community who is stealing community’s money? A lot of “robbery” happened in the community. It shows how the communication within individuals in the community is not working properly. There is some cases like that happened around us in Indonesia. While some friends spent most of their energy and time and cash for the community and their projects, some other people took advance of it, stealing the money and the project didn’t work at all because of the money gone. Stealing from community is destroying the community itself. It’s damaged internally. The problem is not about is it right or wrong to steal, but who is your target. Know your target, know your enemy. When you steal from the community, and you are part of it, do you realize that you just destroy your own dream of free society? You just like termites in the house that you build. You destroy the trust to each other that has been built. If you have money problems, desperately need cash, you can share your problem with your friends in community. It is possible that everyone in the community would try to help you. It is important to individuals in community to help and care to each other, no?

Kau paksakan budaya, tapi kita bukan di Arab di jaman nabi. Cepatlah kau mati, tagih pahalamu di surga. Surgamu, nerakaku. Ini bukan arab, bung. Bukan!

** In Indonesia, there are several paramilitary groups act on the basis of their faith and religion. They are hardcore religion fanatics who tell people which is right and wrong based on their morality judgment. Usually they use physical violence to make people do what they want, to turn their surrounding into like what they think as an ideal place to live. And we hate them. This song is not an attack to people who believe in religion. It is their own personal business. But this song is a critic for those who force their belief and religion’s law to other people around them. Critics for those who make judgment to people around them based on their belief, telling them that they are sinners and deserve punishments. Religion, faith and spirituality are something personal. It is natural to having dreams and ideals, but when you ruin other people’s life to force what you want, that is so annoying. Your dreams, your ideals, are yours. Don’t force other people to follow the same path with you and to have a same dream with you. And it’s even worst when you started a paramilitary organization to force people to do what you want. Religion and spirituality is a personal thing, and lets keep it personal. We don’t care what you believe in, but you can’t force that to other people. What’s the point if everybody follows your path based on compulsion and fear?

Hidupku bukanlah urusanmu! Cari tahu segala tentangku, asumsikan segala yang kau dengar. Jangan coba simpulkan hidupku. Kalian memang menyedihkan! Hidupku bukan untuk hiburanmu! Sebarkan kebohongan tentangku untuk mengisi kehampaan hidupmu. Tak ada lagikah yang menarik bagimu? Kalian memang menyedihkan! Kau penggosip!

** When you hangout with your friends, what are you talking about to each other? Is it about yourself and your life story, or is it about another people/friends who aren’t there with you? For those who like to make assumptions and conclusions of their friends, rather than try to know them more and talk with them; for those who like to make assumptions based on their own morality boundaries; for those who always want to know about other people’s business and private life; for those who entertain themselves by turning assumptions into “facts”, believe in it and spreading cheap lies and gossips about their own friends; You’re so pathetic. Is it because your life is so boring? Is it so empty, so you don’t have your own life story to share with your friends?

Kau coba dominasi hidup kami. Bungkam dan jinakkan kami. Asingkan kami dari hidup ini. Mengapa kami harus diam saja?!
Kami marah!

** This is a call and support to anyone who feels inferior and submissive to the world that isn’t okay at all. No the world we’re live in is not fine at all. This is our call to anyone who feels that surrender is the best way to live. The message in this song is simple, never accept and submissive to the world. If something in this dominant system pissed you off, never let your flame of anger suppressed. Acceptance is something that makes people do nothing but follow what society wants from them. Acceptance is something that preserves the dominant system that full of shit. Since we were very young, we were accustomed to be the defeated one. We accustomed to accept all the shit that happen in our life without realizing that most of it was happened because we live in a society that doesn’t sustain at all. Anger is an potential ammunition that can set this world in fire, change it and build something new on the ruins of the old world. So lets get pissed off and do something. Anger is something that created punk rock in the first time. Get pissed off and gather with your friends to build something powerful to fight the world.

Punkrock jadi hiburan di panggung. Punkrock papan iklan berjalan. Punkrock dibayar untuk menghibur. Sekalian saja ikut kampanye parpol. Punkrock tak punya sikap. Netral itu dungu! Punkrock doger monyet, semua bertepuk tangan! 

** Domestication is a process when human took something from the wild (animals, plants, etc) from its natural habitat, tame it, put it under new condition which different from its previous real habitat, and force it to live under ways and values of human control. Most animals got domesticated for economical reasons, for example: to provide food, or other valuable commodities. Domestication is a relation that reflects domination and exploitation.

This song is about how punkrock has been domesticated like a lion in circus tent. Punkrock lost its tusks, tamed and turned into an “entertaining object” like a bear riding a bicycle. Punkrock is not a threat anymore like when it first appeared… it’s just a spectacle now. So, is that what you wanted? Do you want to be nothing more than just entertainment on stage? Maybe not. But this is what happened recently. 


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