Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kalian Memang Menyedihkan! (2010)

Finally, a year since we formed as a band, we recorded 11 songs. Self-released, limited copies on 2010. We don't have this any copies of this CD anymore. The front cover artwork was done by our friend, Amenk. Originally, the design would be use only for t-shirt, and of course it's a Black Flag designs parody with our song's title as the main theme. But later when we had to release the CD, we still dont have any good design for the cover yet, so we decided to use this as the front cover art.

Later, Alternaive Label, a DIY records and distribution labels from Bandung re-issue this CD on tape, limited copies only 50 pcs.

And in the end of 2011, will be re-issue again on tapes by Doombringer Records (Jakarta, Indonesia).

See the lyrics +  explanations in Indonesian or English
or buy if you want to support! Contact Doombringer for further details. To order / wholesale info, write to Doom Bringer Rec:


  1. masih ada?
    kalo mau beli bisa di dapetin dimana ya? thanks :)

  2. sudah habis, silakan didownload saja

  3. Suka sekali album ini. Sayangnya gue telat tau ketika CDnya di rilis. Liriknya nampar perspektif orang sampe berkunang-kunang :)

  4. kalo boleh tau, lagu 'Bukan Untukku' ada di album atau EP mana?